Gothic Wedding Ideas

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If you’re looking for a darker edge to your special day with a gothic wedding, then read on for our favourite gothic wedding ideas.

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Gothic Wedding Ideas & Inspiration

Gothic Wedding Dress Ideas

A gothic wedding is the perfect place to choose a wedding dress that is completely out of the ordinary. Blacks, reds, patterns. There is nothing quite so striking as a gothic wedding dress. Here are some of our favourite Pinterest finds.

Gothic Wedding Bouquet

Partner to the powerful, gothic wedding dress, is the equally powerful, gothic wedding bouquet.
When your dress packs as much of a punch as the above, your bouquet can really POP and it will just add to the strong and powerful feel of the gothic wedding.

We love black, decorational accents, and rich, deep tones.

Here are some of our favourites

Gothic Bridesmaid Dresses

Once you’ve managed to pin down your gothic wedding dress, you’ll probably be on the look out for some stunning, gothic bridesmaid dresses to compliment the theme too!

Now it goes without saying that blacks and reds are fantastic choices for bridesmaids at a gothic wedding. But you can also use deep purples, greens and teals too.

Here are some of our favourite gothic bridesmaid dresses.

Gothic Wedding Decor

Whether you’ve booked a centuries old, gothic manor, or you’re creating your gothic perfection from scratch. We’ve found some fantastic gothic wedding decor ideas to match!

Make sure to include silk, satin, velvet and all of the deep, rich tones. Glowing candles, in gold or silver candelabras, lighting up your gothic wedding venue… Divine!

Gothic Floral Arrangements

So it’s not just the bouquet you have to think about when you’re considering gothic wedding flowers. You’ll also need to consider gothic centrepieces, and flowers for the rest of the ceremony. Also the reception decor.

The gothic flower arrangements can really help to infuse the ceremony and reception with the deep richness of the gothic theme.

Gothic Wedding Cake

As the perfect icing on your gothic wedding cake, is, well… your gothic wedding cake.

Here’s where you can really go all out. A costume cake. A performer of sorts. And why not?!

Gothic Wedding Lighting

To me, what really works so perfectly for bringing everything dark and intense to life at a gothic wedding, is some perfectly paired, gothic wedding lighting.

Candles and chandeliers scream gothic revival, and you should absolutely include them in your gothic wedding.

We are a massive fan of the gothic wedding theme. It’s deep and intense, like all great romances. A perfect theme you may say. And we all long for a marriage like Gomez and Morticia, our favourite gothic duo. Don’t we?

Passion and power make the gothic wedding theme an absolutely stunning choice.

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