Winter Wedding Ideas

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By now you probably know that here at Weddings & Wishes we LOVE anything seasonal. We have tackled other seasonal wedding ideas lists, so let’s tackle the stunning, winter wedding ideas and inspirations for those of you interested in throwing your own winter wedding!

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You’ll find that automatically a lot of people opt for a summer wedding. Of course, sometimes with the questionable weather in winter, you can understand why. But what about considering the beauty of the winter season, and all of the unique winter wedding ideas and style that this can open up for us?

Perhaps you’re a lover of the season, and you’d always considered your big day being during the winter?

Whether you’re new to the idea, or you’ve always wanted to celebrate during the colder season, here is a list of winter wedding ideas and inspiration for those winter wedding planners!

Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter Wedding Dress

When you’re planning a winter wedding, obviously a big consideration is your winter wedding dress. You want to make sure your winter wedding attire is going to keep you warm, whilst also looking just as stunning as any other wedding dress!


The amazing thing about a winter wedding, is that you can add all of the layers to your wedding dress, and it will still look amazing!

Long Sleeves

One of the first things I love about a winter wedding dress, is the addition of long sleeves to the wedding dress. I think it adds such a classy, Grace Kelly-esque edge. So classic and elegant! There are many different styled, long sleeved wedding dresses, so you can find one for any personality. But regardless, they are all stunning in their own way.

The Wedding Sweater

My personal favourite winter wedding outfit bonus, is the idea of a sweater/jumper over the top of the gown! WHAT?! I am down with whichever genius tried this, and decided it worked! What a fantastic idea for both keeping warm, but also looking so much more stylish than I would have thought could ever come from this combination! Check out the photo of the jumper over the dress below! It’s stunning!

Shawls & Capes

Of course, a full jumper may not be the winter wedding warmer of choice for you. But you’ll still need to keep warm for the outdoor parts of your winter wedding day! So how about a shawl? Or a cape? Both of these are easily removable when you need/want to. Though both great at adding layers for when you need a hit of warmth.

I also love the look of these layers, as I think they really give a pop of winter to your winter wedding. If you’re looking at winter wedding photos with a shawl or cape, you’re instantly transported into some snowy, winter wonderland!

Coats, Gloves & Scarves

Then of course there’s the option of a full coat, scarves and gloves! These are fantastic options for your winter wedding outfit if you’re getting married somewhere that the winter is VERY cold. Though don’t think that doesn’t mean you can’t choose beautiful, gentle, wintery colours to accessorize your gown. You can find some beautiful coats, gloves and scarves! Perhaps with pearls and diamantes on.


As far as the colour of your winter wedding dress, white seems like the most common winter wedding dress choice. But I really enjoyed seeing the gentle off-greys and off-beiges, which were a great, but slight contrast to the snowy, winter backdrops.

Winter Wedding Bouquet

Now to tackle the next important winter wedding addition. The winter wedding bouquet.

The winter wedding theme is a great time to introduce those stereotypical ‘winter’ colours. Whites, reds, natural green, brown, gold, silver.

These colours are all amazing choices when considering our winter wedding bouquet. You can add in these colours with your flowers, which can also be seasonal winter flowers to add a genuine, winter touch.

For a list of winter flowers for your winter wedding bouquet, check out this post.

Of course white and also deep, red roses are always a fabulous choice for your wedding bouquet, and that is no different in winter. In fact, I’d say it actually is the time of year the combination really pop!

As far as accessories within the bouquet, additions like winter berries, pine, holly, pine cones really yell out winter! Also, if your winter wedding happens to coincide with the big C (Christmas) then why not add a little sparkle in the form of small baubles, pearls, diamonds and glitter?!

Another great addition is feathers!

As for tying your bouquet, I’m not sure you can beat a deep, red, velvet ribbon for a winter wedding bouquet!

Winter Bridesmaid Dresses

Your winter wedding dress should of course be complemented by those winter bridesmaid dresses. We love those red, burgundy, pine green, deep purple, silver and gold options, to really make your wedding dress stand out!

Winter Wedding Centrepieces

Once you’re at the winter wedding reception you can really go all out with your winter wedding theme. Think ‘decorating for Christmas’ and that’s a pretty good idea of how you can theme your winter wedding reception.

Fairy lights. Candles. Pine. Pinecones. Deep reds. Snowy Sprinkles.

Literally pulling ideas from the way we decorate our homes for Christmas is the perfect way to decorate for your winter wedding and reception. You can take the most boring and simple of rooms and really bring them to life. Or transform them into a magical, winter wonderland.

Winter Wedding Decor

The decor for your winter wedding, again, is fantastic when you pull from the ideas of how you may decorate for Christmas. But make it bigger and better!

Use fairy lights. and candles to add that warm, winter glow. Offer blankets. to wedding guests. Add pine and berries and all of the stark white mixed with the warm glows of lights and pops of colour.

Winter Wedding Cake

Whether you choose to add lots of sparkly, white icing that looks like winter snow, or. you opt for a rustic, bare cake with winter foliage. The winter wedding cake really can be a stunning focal point at your winter wedding reception!

Will you opt for a small and understated cake or a huge, multiple tier, sparkly winter wonderland cake?!

Winter Wedding Additions

With. a winter wedding, small additions like a hot chocolate stand, a blanket box or something unique like a christmas tree guest book can be sweet, little additions that really help. to make the day!

So there are a few winter wedding ideas for those of you thinking about a winter wedding. And honestly, I think I’ve just convinced myself to have a winter wedding too!

If you’re considering an Autumn Wedding, make sure to check out our Autumn Wedding Ideas Post! Or Our Autumn Bouquet Ideas.

Maybe you’re struggling with choosing your wedding theme?

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