How to Choose your Wedding Theme

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With the limits of what you can create with your wedding theme quite possibly endless, it can feel overwhelming to nail it down to a specific wedding theme. That’s why we have compiled some tips on how to choose your wedding theme.

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It’s no secret that in today’s day and age, you’re pretty much able to take any idea from your head (or Pinterest) and turn it into a reality. But sometimes having a World of options available to us can be so far from helpful. Especially if you struggle with decision making. So how do we nail it down to a few key points? How do we set ourselves to one path? Have a read through some of our helpful tips and hopefully we can help you start to choose your wedding theme.

How to Choose your Wedding Theme

Where are you getting married?

A big consideration when choosing your wedding theme should definitely be the location and feel of both your wedding and reception venue.

It would probably make little sense to have a casual, beach themed wedding at a gothic manor. Or a heavily layered, winter themed wedding set on a Caribbean beach.

So, taking into consideration the location and venue of your wedding and reception of choice will probably be one of the first steps in choosing your theme.

The time of year.

You all know I’m a lover of a seasonal wedding by now. The season or time of year can really help you to choose a wedding theme to fit.

Autumn wedding? Autumn wedding theme! Winter Wedding? Winter wedding theme.

On top of just seasonal wedding themes, you can also take into consideration national holidays and celebrations like Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day and also both the solstices and equinoxes.

If you’re holding a Pagan union, then celebrating with the seasons will surely serve you perfectly for your wedding theme.

Your personality.

This is a big one. Who are you and your ‘to-be’ as people?

Taking into considering the joining of your two personalities could help to theme your wedding in a way that compliments that. If you’re not larger than life, glittery people, you’re probably not going to enjoy a huge, loud, sparkly wedding with thousands of people! You may prefer a more intimate, laid back ceremony and reception.

And vice versa, perhaps ‘rustic charm’ is something that the thought of makes you want to barf (sorry rustic lovers!), and you need big, you need sparkles, diamonds and pearls and a whole entourage of guests and help.

Make sure to consider both yours and your significant other’s personalities before setting yourself to your wedding theme decision.


Ahh, that old chestnut!

It’s not what anyone wants to hear when planning their special day, but budget has to play a part in choosing the style and size of your wedding. You can’t buy a million pound wedding on a 10 pound budget.

That being said, you can create some stunning, wedding magic whilst on a budget. Don’t feel disheartened, just keep it within the realms of reality so that you don’t end up disappointed or in debt.

Don’t stick to the norm (unless you want to!)

You really shouldn’t let yourself feel pigeonholed into choosing a standard, wedding theme, just because it may be what is expected.

Yes, I did write above about how your venue can help you to choose your wedding theme, but I would like to also add that being completely wild and out there with your wedding theme should absolutely be something you do if that is who you are as a person, and it’s what you feel is perfectly fitting for you as a couple.

Why not do something that’s going to wow and surprise, and gain attention? If that’s what you love and that is who you are, then go wild and enjoy every second!

Your favourite colours.

This may seem pretty obvious, but I will reiterate it anyway. Using your favourite colours within your wedding theme is probably a safe bet. You’re going to appreciate the look and style if you can see a colour that brings you comfort and joy on your big day.

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I hope our tips can help you when choosing your wedding theme. I understand it’s a big decision, and one you’ll have photo evidence of for years to come, haha! What truly matters most is that you and your significant other both feel included and in love. Everything else is just noise.

L xxx

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