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white and red flower bouquet

When looking for your bouquet you will of course want to keep it on theme. If you opted for an Autumn wedding we’ve got your back with these Autumn bouquet ideas.

white and red flower bouquet
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Autumn Bouquet Ideas

Fire & Rouge

Choosing an Autumn wedding is really the best of excuses to bring into play the intense, Autumnal wedding colour scheme. Your wedding bouquet is the perfect place to bring in those stunning, rich tones.

In the bouquet (left), you can see there are rich oranges, deeply intense reds and pops of yellow and green too.

The epitome of Autumn.

Dried Leaves

And what screams Autumn more than colourful, dried leaves?!

Take your inspiration from the great outdoors, have a forage and add a literal piece of Autumn splendour to your Autumn wedding bouquet. Add in those dried, rainbow leaves for the perfect selection.

Seasonal Flowers & Berries

With any seasonal wedding, something really special you can easily add to keep the seasonal feel is to choose flowers, plants and berries that are in season.

It will depend where in the world you are, to which foliage you have to choose from. But I think we can all agree that in season is some of the best, and far more eco friendly.

I LOVE the addition of rose hips to this Autumn bouquet. I think Hawthorn would work beautifully too!

Dried Flowers

Of course, if we are keeping the tones warm and rich, then the addition of dried flowers to the bouquet is a perfect choice.

Not only is this in keeping with the Autumn season of harvest, but by choosing a dried flower bouquet we can then keep your bouquet for however long you choose.

Such a special keepsake from your Autumn wedding, dontcha think?


Again, in keeping with the season of harvest, we can add grasses to our autumn bouquet, to really give it that sentimental value.

If you’re someone who finds themself at one with the land. Perhaps you’re a family of farmers.

Whatever your reason may be, the addition of grasses is a wonderful and simple but beautiful choice for your Autumn wedding bouquet.

Foraged Bouquet

Do you love a good forage? Are you someone who loves to bathe themselves in nature?

A self-foraged bouquet could be the perfect autumn bouquet of choice for you. What better time of year to get out into the great outdoors to forage for wildflowers, leaves, seeds and fruits to bundle up for your bouquet?!

Simple, Rustic Fastening

For the Autumn wedding, a simple but almost ‘messy’ ribbon could be the perfect thing to wrap up your bouquet.

Materials that are rough around the edges, such as rough linen, lace, hessian or heavy velvet could be the perfect fit.


For the perfect, Autumn wedding bouquet, the details can be kept super simple.

When choosing to add in decoration, I think keeping on theme is super important, as Autumn is spectacular but very much in its natural, simplistic way.

We can compliment that with details such as feathers, that would be an ode to the game birds of the season.

There you have it. A great selection of ideas and inspiration for your Autumn wedding bouquet. I really feel that the theme is a beautiful one to have fun and run with. And to keep really focused on the simplistic joys and spectacular colours of the season.

We can focus on the abundance of harvest and birds. The vibrant and ever changing colours of the natural world.

There is so much to consider including.

L xxx

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