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When choosing your wedding colour scheme a large portion of that pop of colour will be the bridesmaid dresses you choose. If you’re having a black and white wedding, you may be considering black bridesmaid dresses.

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When it comes to choosing your bridesmaid dresses there are so many things to consider. Long bridesmaid dresses or short bridesmaid dresses… maybe even mid length bridesmaid dresses. Do you want sexy bridesmaid dresses or modest bridesmaid dresses? Then there’s material, style and finally, the colour!

This post is here to celebrate the always classic, black bridesmaid dress.

Whether you’re wanting something classic and timeless with your black and white wedding, or you want an edgy, rocker vibe, you really can find a black bridesmaid dress to suit!

Here are some of our favourite black bridesmaid dress ideas.

Mix & Match Black Bridesmaid Dresses

We all know that as women, one size most definitely does not fit all, and that absolutely applies to bridesmaid dresses too.

When choosing bridesmaid dress styles, it can really add another level of stress to have to find one dress style to suit all of your bridesmaids.

So why not mix it up? Mix and match bridesmaid dresses!

If your choice is black bridesmaid dresses, why not let your bridesmaid run with the choice of which bridesmaid dress style they think works for them?

It can lighten the load for you when you’ve got so much planning to do too!

Off shoulder bridesmaid dresses, v neck bridesmaid dresses. Long sleeved bridesmaid dresses or short sleeved bridesmaid dresses.

Let the dress work for the person who will be wearing it, whilst keeping in the colour scheme of the wedding.

Mermaid Black Bridesmaid Dresses

The mermaid bridesmaid dress really adds an extra pinch of elegance when looking for a black bridesmaid dress.

Of course you can choose the material you prefer, although lace is a definite favourite here!

Mermaid bridesmaid dress styles differ slightly in that you could choose sleeved, no sleeves. on the shoulder, off the shoulder etc… but they all keep that particular style and finesse that is so popular with the mermaid dress style.

If you wanted tom you could also add a pop of white/ivory around the middle with a sash or similar, but really, the mermaid style, black bridesmaid dress is absolutely enough without any additions whatsoever.

Simple Black Bridesmaid Dresses

And here we have the super simple, spaghetti strap, v-neck black dress.

It really is the most laid back bridesmaid dress style, but still packs the most understated punch in its simplicity.

This is the style that works perfectly for a silk bridesmaid dress.

Embroidered Bridesmaid Dress

One of the lesser considered ideas when considering a black bridesmaid dress is a delicately embroidered dress.

But this stunning, black dress speaks volumes.

Embroidery really can work beautifully even with black dresses, so it’s worth considering if you’re looking for some truly unique bridesmaid dresses.

Long Sleeved Bridesmaid Dresses

A lot of people opt to get hitched in Summer months, but what if you’re planning an Autumn/Winter wedding?

This is where the long sleeved bridesmaid dress option comes into play, and thank goodness!

Because there is something classically beautiful about a long sleeved formal dress, in my opinion.

I LOVED these dresses (left) from Pinterest.

Mid Length Bridesmaid Dresses

Both of these mid length, black bridesmaid dresses from ModDress are so beautiful and would compliment your black wedding scheme perfectly.

On the first picture I am loving the cross neck addition, and then the second with the classy, lace neck and slight sleeve.

Laid Back Bridesmaid Dresses

Sometimes we don’t want a really overly formal feel to our bridesmaid dresses, so something like these simple and more laid back bridesmaid dresses can work great!

I think laid back dresses work well for beach weddings, or the kinds of weddings where the people getting married just don’t require an overly formal kind of environment.

The Side Slit Bridesmaid Dress

I cannot lie. I am a huge fan of the side slit dress.

It’s not going to be for every bride, but we think the side slit bridesmaid dress styles are absolute fire, and so complimentary for our gorgeous bridesmaids!

Definitely a winner if you’re looking for sexy bridesmaid dresses.

Modest Black Bridesmaid Dresses

In the same way that the sexy bridesmaid dresses inspire some, others may prefer more modest bridesmaid dresses, and that’s absolutely okay!

And boy do we love these classic and gothic, modest bridesmaid dresses!

The first is so elegant and simple.

The second adds a gothic edge to the black, velvet bridesmaid dress.

Gothic Bridesmaid Dresses

Well wow. What can I say?

This gothic bridesmaid dress (left) is just an extra level of wow. It really goes that extra mile for the big reaction.

We love a gothic gown, it feels like a sort of performance piece. Like art.

So there are some black bridesmaid dresses that we absolutely loved when scouring the internet. We are a huge fan of the black and white wedding combo when it comes to a colour scheme, and it’s fun to get creative with materials and styles.

L xxx

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