Do you Have What it Takes to be a Bridesmaid?

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Are you in the running or have you already been picked? Read on if you’re wondering if you have what it takes to be a bridesmaid?

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It’s simple. Every bride will want something different from their bridesmaids.

You may be required to help with the organising. The bride may want you actually to get involved in making things, or perhaps decorating invitations. She may want bridesmaid dress ideas. Maybe you have a real laid-back bride who just wants you to show up and make sure she has a great day. 

But I think it’s safe to say there are a few basic principles to being a great bridesmaid. Someone that goes the extra mile. Because let’s face it, wedding planning can be a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s not as easy as it looks. You may have already decided you want to be an awesome bridesmaid, so without further ado let me share with you a few simple things that you can do.

Take an interest and provide ideas

The bride may not take on board everything you say, but they do welcome a fresh voice and outlook. Maybe you could offer some unique wedding ideas that she may not have even considered.

Also, one piece of advice would be to listen. You may have already heard about first dance dramas or wedding cake disasters, so you need to be there for her. Offer up your help and advice as and when you can.

Take on some of the organising

A bride won’t want you to steal her thunder. But organising and helping with things such as wedding music choices could be a big help.

Taking care of some of the little jobs may free up the bride’s time to relax and enjoy the wedding planning experience. If your bride is planning a more DIY wedding affair, then help with any wedding crafts you can. Maybe you are excellent at design, or just happy to do the mundane tasks. Any offer of help will be greatly appreciated.

Don’t negatively comment on the bridesmaid dresses

I think many bridesmaids may not like the bridesmaid dress that has been picked for them, but remember this is the bride’s day.

The last thing a bride needs is a bridesmaid moaning about the style or colour of the bridesmaid dress. It’s one day, so the best thing to do is accept it for what it is.

Remember to have fun

Remind the bride that she needs to enjoy the experience of planning a wedding. It will be over before she knows it.

It’s also a lovely idea to have some time when wedding talk is off-limits. Take your bride out shopping or for some lunch every now and again. It will do her the world of good to have a break from wedding planning and also give you both a chance just to be yourselves.

Know your bridesmaid duties

As a bridesmaid or maid of honour, there are individual requirements for you. But the bride may have her own ideas herself.

Will the bride want you to do a reading at the ceremony? Do you need to provide a wedding breakfast toast? Are you responsible for the wedding guest book or anything else during the day? It’s great to establish what you need to be doing on the day so there are no mistakes.

Finally, It’s an honour to be named a bridesmaid, so enjoy yourself and the wedding day.

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