Ideas for an Autumn Wedding

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If you’re anything like me, you’ll absolutely adore everything Autumn. So if you happened to book your big day within the golden season of pure joy, here are some ideas for an Autumn wedding.

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Autumn Wedding Inspiration

Warm, rich tones. Rustic decor. Lace. Layers. Candlelight.

There are so many stunning Autumnal accents that can turn your wedding into a cosy, seasonal spectacular. Read ahead for some of our favourite Autumn wedding dress ideas, Autumn wedding decor tips and just a LOT more Autumn for your special day!

Autumn Wedding Dress Inspiration

We are absolutely LOVING lace and long sleeves for an Autumnal wedding. With the weather starting to drop cooler, it’s an excuse to add in the longer sleeved look, and I definitely feel like lace adds a delicate and warm addition to the look.

I also feel like lace compliments the Autumnal colour scheme amazingly. It seems to really pop within the rich and warm tones.

You could also add a quirky layer via a denim or leather jacket, and perhaps stick on some leather boots too!

Here are some glorious, Autumn wedding dress ideas I found on Pinterest! I’m just sorry I couldn’t share more, because, WOW. I’m wishing I went for an Autumn wedding, purely for these dresses!

Autumn Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

And of course to compliment our divine, Autumnal wedding dress, we want to chose equally stunning and seasonally themed bridesmaid dresses too!

And here is where we can really invest in the rich colour scheme on offer. We can choose from rich golds, bronze, reds, rusts and so on.

By choosing such deep and intense bridesmaid dress colours, it is sure to make the bride/s stand out as the centre of attention!

Here are some of my favourite Pinterest picks for Autumn bridesmaid dress inspo.

Autumn Flower Girl Outfit Ideas

And to finish off the bridal party, we need to adorn our sweet, little, flower girls!

Staying in keeping with the Autumnal theme, and our bridesmaid dresses, let’s have a look for some glorious, Autumn flower girl dresses.

I am personally loving more lace, and colourful accents!

Autumn Wedding Bouquet

One of the best ways to bring out the pops of Autumnal colour within your wedding, is to bring on board the intense and rich, warm, Autumnal colours in your wedding flowers. The main bunch being your bridal bouquet! You can look for seasonal flowers too, like sunflowers!
Also adding in dried flowers, grasses and feathers can really add to the rustic feel!

Make sure to get the Groom’s party buttonholes to match!

Here are our favourite Autumn Bouquet arrangements we found!

Autumn Wedding Flowers

Along with the bouquet, obviously we want to adorn the entire event (Wedding and Reception) with Autumn flowers, right?! Let’s keep the seasonal feel flowing throughout the entire day!

Here are our favourite Autumn wedding flower ideas.

Autumn Wedding Decor | Adding Light

What adds an even cosier edge to your cosy, Autumn wedding decor? Candles and fairy lights!

Adding in this warm glow of light amongst the rustic and rich will really add that something something to your autumn wedding decor.

Whether it’s candles on the aisle, or fairy lights at the reception, you can be sure that those little light additions will really make your decor extra cosy and special.

Autumn Wedding Table Settings

How do we make the Reception table settings bring that Autumn vibe that we have covered everywhere else? We use some of our previous advice to our advantage here too!

Rustic table settings. Rough linen, wood, candles, Autumn flower arrangements, fairy lights, dried flowers, grass. They are all a perfect backdrop for your guests to feast and laugh all night long, whilst they celebrate you!

Autumn Wedding Decor

So now we have come to the vast array of potential decor options for both your main wedding and also your reception too!

What shouts Autumn to you?!

For me I want rustic. I want pumpkins. I want rich tones, glowing light and barrels! I want layering. Linens, canvas (both rough), lace.

Autumn Wedding Cake Ideas

That rustic vibe? We can absolutely run with that for the cake too! Infact, rustic wedding cakes have risen massively in popularity over the last few years, and it’s not hard to see why!

Their rustic, classic but simple beauty speaks for itself! And adored with autumn flowers or seasonal fruit and foliage, it’s just a perfect route to go down for your Autumn wedding cake.

Seasonal Food Additions

How about adding pumpkin soup to the menu? Or a Pumpkin pie? You could add a toffee apple or hot chocolate stand!

Mulled wine or mulled cider? You could have this set up for guests to serve themselves, and even add Autumn decor around it! Autumn food decorated by Autumn decor… Perfect!

So there you have it. I hope we have helped with some serious Autumn wedding ideas and inspiration. I know I’ve inspired myself to have an Autumn wedding that I don’t need as I’ve been married for 13 years already, ha!

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