Wedding Guest Book Ideas

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When it comes to the wedding guest book ideas, a lot of it has been done before. Maybe you’re looking for simple and does the job, or maybe you’re looking for a quirky alternative. Check out our Wedding Guest Book Ideas.

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Wedding Guest Book Ideas

1. A Calendar

How often do guest books end up tucked away, never to be seen again?

Well that isn’t going to be the case if you get a re-usable, blank calendar printed out as your guest book alternative! Your guests can write and doodle all night long, and you’ll have years of reading and re-reading the wonderful (and possibly also rude and hilarious) messages from your friends and family!

2. A Wedding, Shadow Box

You could purchase a stunning, wedding shadow box like this one, which would allow your guest to write messages on little wooden hearts, that will then be on display in a case.

This is something you could then have on display for years!

3. Fingerprint Canvas

You could put out a large canvas and some fingerpaints, and ask your guests to leave their fingerprints and messages on the canvas for you.

After the day is over, this could be turned into some sort of artwork, like leaves on a tree, or balloons!

4. Guest Book Jigsaw Puzzle

In one of the quirkiest, and loveliest ideas I’ve seen yet, this amazing Guest Book Jigsaw Puzzle gets guests to leave handwritten messages on individual, wooden jigsaw pieces that will then be able to be kept for years.

5. String & Frame

We love the idea of this sweet, little string, tag and frame idea!

Have your guests peg notes onto the string for you to keep in this display frame!

6. Blank Globe

You could go out there and let your friends know just how much they mean the world to you, by getting them to write on a blank globe!

You could display these globes quite proudly!

There are some utterly beautiful, quirky and unique Wedding Guest Book ideas available here on Etsy if you want to keep searching, but above are some of our favourites!

We would love to hear from you if you went with something completely out there!

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