Bouquet Ideas | Classic White Wedding

selective focus photography of pair of white open toe chunky heeled shoes and bouquet flowers

Have you planned yourself a classic white wedding? Well here are some ideas of stunning bouquets to compliment your theme.

woman wearing white wedding gown while holding bouquet
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When it comes to your big day, no matter what the venue is, MOST people will choose to carry a bouquet with them. Now of course we all want the perfect bouquet, and it needs to suit our colour scheme, budget and our floral preferences.

There’s a whole world of white, wedding flower ideas.

We want to try and help you out by providing a few different ideas to go along with that ‘classic white wedding’ theme.

Bouquet Ideas | Classic White Wedding

Classic, White Rose

selective focus photography of pair of white open toe chunky heeled shoes and bouquet flowers
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Simple, yet an absolute classic as far as wedding flora goes.

The white rose is stunning in its simplicity, and the epitome of the romantic flower

Of course you can add in extra flowers if you wish, but for me there’s nothing quite like the classic, white rose.

White, Pearl & a Little Greenery

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You could pick your favourite, white flower, and like this example photo, jazz it up with classic adornments like pearls, and then add in a small amount of greenery.

Fresh, green additions can really compliment the fresh, white colour scheme perfectly.

Tied with a Silk Ribbon

close up photo of a pink lace
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Another extremely simple, but classic way of adding to the richness of the simple, white bouquet, is to add dimension through layers.

You can do this by adding something as easy as tying a silk ribbon around the finished bouquet.

It’s a simple addition, but it really adds a layer of quality.

Peaches & Cream

close up photo of person holding bouquet
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Add in a pop of soft colour, like peach, to really compliment your white wedding theme.

Colours like peach are gentle and soft, so they lend themselves really well to a classic white bouquet, without being too vibrant and attention grabbing from the main theme.

We love this arrangement (left) and the natural, green additions and green ribbon too! Stunning!

Diamonds & Pearls

red and green petaled flowers bouquet with silver colored ring
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Like your accessories for the big day, your flowers can also be accessorised, and they will be sure to wow people!

Whether you can afford to splash on more, and have a really good sprinkling of diamond, or whether you keep the additions to a meaningful minimum, that extra touch can really compliment your light and bright bouquet.


crop bride with blooming peony bouquet on wedding day
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I feel like along with roses, peonies deserve their own mention for their simplistic and undemanding beauty, without anything needing to be added.

You can add peachy coloured peonies too, for a ‘peaches and cream’ vibe as I mentioned above, but really what more do you need?

Warm, gently, unassuming… Classic.

So there are a few suggestions of how you can really compliment your classic, white wedding with your bouquet arrangement. From simple and unassuming, to diamonds and pearls, whatever your personality is, you can be sure to find the perfect bouquet for you.

Have you thought about your first dance song yet?

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